Dungeon Noir

Into the mountains?

The party moved across the dried out fields of late fall and into the low hills toward the south. They kept to the lesser traveled roads and lanes to avoid the possible notice of the Blacktalons.

The party ventured into light foothills of the northwestern Troll Mountains. Climbing to higher elevations invited trouble. The whistling interruption of a huge chunk of earth crashing to the rocks beside their trail warned the party of the presence of some giantish interloper. The bellowing laughter of the frost giant incited the charge of their Paladin who crashed into the monster, wounding it and unhorsing himself. The giant took advantage of his edge and assaulted the knight. Keltyri charged his warpig into the fray. Wounded, Soren stopped to bind his own wound. The crippled giant pounced and ended Soren in a bloody, pulpy mess. The party rallied and through furious combat, destroyed the giant. The party, regathering itself, decided against the heights and turned toward the lower path through the Snakewood.

Entering the light forest, a hermit was encountered. When questioned, he mentioned some ruins and a cave in the forest. A bargain was struck for the Keltyri’s canine companion, who was quickly gutted, skinned and presumably devoured later on that night by the unkempt loner. This was of little concern to the party, however, since as soon as they entered the woods, they were set upon by a large werewolf. The silver arrows of Ja’Qen, and the quick thinking of Keltyri, allowed them to avoid contamination and put an end not only to the unholy cur, but his two wolf pets as well.

The party backtracked the animals to their lair and discovered a horde of valuables, presumably from the werewolf’s previous victims. After a night’s rest, they continued. In the morning, after a few hours walk, they discovered a half-orc in Blacktalon livery tied to a tree.



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