Dungeon Noir

The Quest

Soren, the young paladin, having received his vocational call to the order of Bahumet, begins a quest to recover the Sword of Bahumet, lost in somewhere in the Snakewoods or the Troll Mountains. With that end in mind, he assembled a party of childhood friends. Ja’Qen, a knowledgeable and woodwise half-elven ranger as scout; Marq, a 14-year-old rogue adventurer, looking to spend some time out of town; and Keltyri, a battle-worn war-cleric of Clangheddin. All join Soren with the hope of battle, loot and adventure.

After some deliberation, the party decides upon the cautious route northeast to Triaebor, passing Greenest and then turning south across the Greenfields into the Snakewood.



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