Dungeon Noir

The Ettins

The Savior

We had a plan today, a plan that should have worked.

We had studied the comings and goings of the temple for days, observing the changes of watches and the daily activities of the orcs guarding it, and we thought we had found our way in.

Marq went with me, equipped with a stone that Kelytri had cast a Silence spell upon. Marq threw the rock into a grouping of two orcs, the plan was to kill one and capture the other so we might interrogate him to find information regarding the temple. I missed my shot.

The orcs were more observant than we anticipated and I made the error of underestimating their awareness. The moment the silence spell crossed over them we charged, Marq dropping the first orc easily, but my arrow missed its mark so I gave chase.

At this point I did not know what became of the rest of the party, only that I had to catch this lone orc before he could alert the others and have both my friends and myself killed as a result. So I continued to chase, dodging around a well-placed trap along the way.

But the orc was too fast, and he reached the entrance to the temple before me, thankfully he did not see it fit to yell or my story surely would have reached its end. I called out to the ettin guarding the entrance in goblin, hoping it would understand me and my appeal to break it free of the chain holding it to the temple if it could just help me. But before the words had fully left my mouth the ettin jammed its spear fully through the orc, lifting it high and slamming it down, somehow in such a way as to not alert the other orcs on watch.

I stared in awe at it as it motioned for me to follow it into the temple, going against every impulse inside of me to run away from the ettin, knowing that in the confines of the temple I stood little chance against such a creature on my own. Inside the ettin showed me its companion, another ettin.

In that moment I prayed to every god I knew that the ettins were not looking for a fight, and was thankful beyond I thought possible to see the ettin motion to the locks around their ankles. I understood their intentions as I tried to pick their locks with one of my arrows, it took several long and frustrating moments, but after I opened the first manacle the other was rather easy to open. Prior to leaving the first ettin motioned for one of my javelins, which I gave him and on his way out pf the temple he showed me a secret entrance into the temple I would otherwise have found only with great difficulty.

He kept my javelin and left with the other ettin in a strange level of silence for such large creatures. All I could hear from outside the temple were the roars of 4 mouths and the shrieks of many more orcs.

My understanding of evil creatures and what makes one evil is again challenged this day.



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