Dungeon Noir


The townsmen at Greenest were both appreciative and apprehensive. They were grateful for the party’s handling of the road bandits but troubled by the insignia they wore. They hoped the crossbowmen were deserters from the Blacktalon band. A suggestion that the Blacktalons might be operating in force for some dark power was whispered among the fearful folk. The party, though troubled, felt their purpose drew them further into the troll mountains and away from any ensuing intrigue on the plains.

They left at dawn and witnessed bands of horsemen in riding through the farmlands of the green plains. They were able to avoid incident and encountered a lone woodsmen late in the day. The fellow, though helpful at first, turned on them when they left the open lands and entered the Snakewood. A werewolf, he viciously assaulted the party, summoning others to his aid. The party, through violent battle, vanquished the beast and his minions and spent a troubled night amidst his loot at cave littered with loot and the remains of former victims.



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